Art: Interest in the incidental

Look at some of the great fine art paintings and you will see how the artist ensures that all elements even the seemingly incidental parts of the painting that are not the main focus sill provide enough dynamic interaction, fascination or drama to be worthy of framing themselves. Whether it be the almost impressionistic portrayal of the detail of three men in Rembrandt’s ‘Conjuration de Claudius Civilis’, the child’s expression watching the lizards in Louis Matout’s ‘At the fountain’ or being curious about wanting to take a walk further into the buildings and town in Hendrik van Steenwijk II’s ‘The Courtyard of a Renaissance’.

Take a look at his gallery below then go find other fine art paintings such as Renaissance or Flemish Art and seek out what is happening in the rest of the painting. If you are not familiar with Hans Holbein’s ‘The Ambassadors’ painting, go check it out for a rather strange yet fascinating detail. You’ve got to look at it from the correct angle to appreciate it!

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