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UN declares 21 November is World Television Day

‘World Television Day is not so much a celebration of the tool, but rather the philosophy which it represents. Television represents a symbol for communication and globalization in the contemporary world.’ – United Nations Television has the power to inform, entertain the masses and through advertising – the means to market products for us to […]

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Empty Spaces, Full of Meaning

By Francesca Lungarotti As an image editor, I often come across images I would define as precious gifts for the soul. These images are not meant to be described but felt, and are accompanied by conceptual keywords that define the sensation they are capable of generating. These unique Images can subtly convey the subject they […]

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Curious Inventions – which would you pick?

by Matthew Pope ‘The value of an idea lies in the using of it.’ is a great quote by the famed inventor of the light bulb, motion film camera, phonograph and more – Thomas A Edison. You have an idea – so put it into practice, build it, try it! That is what inventors do. […]

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Vintage Travel Posters

Vintage travel posters evoke happy memories of family vacations, honeymoons, and open-eyed adventures around the world.  These wonderfully designed, bright and cheerful posters long ago crossed over from mere promotional works to become both sought-after art and collector’s items. Travel posters began in the early 20th century as effective advertisements for rail and cruise line companies.  Rail companies […]

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The Multi-Tasking Gargoyles

Throughout France and elsewhere in Europe, many gothic-inspired structures and cathedrals feature gargoyles adorning their exteriors.  Gargoyles are often fearsome, fantastical, and humorous and were originally included in gothic architectural design to serve two purposes – to scare off evil spirits and as waterspouts directing water drainage away from the structure. Curiously, no two gargoyles are […]

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Harnessing Power from Wind

This article continues a series of posts focused on UIG’s Mission 2022: Climate Change.  Help us build a comprehensive climate change collection by contributing content to UIG.  Contact us at info@universalimagesgroup.com Generating power from wind was originally developed in the United Kingdom and United States during 1887 and 1888.  Turbines first emerged following the invention of the electric generator […]

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