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Geothermal Iceland, a society without waste

Over the past century Iceland has transitioned from being one of Europe’s poorest countries, dependent on peat and coal imports for its energy needs, to a nation with a high standard of living that meets all of its electrical needs from renewable sources.  Orkustofnun, Iceland’s National Energy Authority, invested in research and development following World War […]

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Queen Elizabeth II

We are deeply saddened at the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Serving her country and commonwealth as Queen since 1952 as the longest reigning monarch. A selection of images from our archive is a tribute to a life, a lot of it in the public eye, of a woman in an iconic position as diplomat, […]

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An End of Summer Escape to Sardinia

The Italian Island of Sardinia offers visitors some of Europe’s most beautiful and unspoiled beaches.  Located 120 miles west of mainland Italy and 120 miles north of Africa, this beautiful island provides adventures along it’s coastal trails and across its lush interior. After being proclaimed King of Italy in 1861, Victor Emmanuel II united the often-forgotten […]

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Summer of Drought

As of August 15, 2022, 99.8% of California and 100% of the state of Nevada were in drought.  While droughts across the western United States are not unprecedented, we are witnessing excessive heat and droughts across the world in areas that are not familiar with or prepared to deal with the consequences of prolonged drought.  The United […]

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In Kyrgyzstan, a Man Without a Horse is just a Pedestrian

Horses are essential throughout the mountains and steppes of the Central Asia landlocked nation of Kyrgyzstan.  The nomadic lifestyle of many Kyrgyz people requires horses for nearly everything.  Kyrgyz horses are used for transportation, for agricultural purposes, as offers of payment, and simply for companionship in the wide-open spaces and mountains.  The horses of Kyrgyzstan are usually small […]

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The Pier – a leisurely way into the sea

The ‘pier’ as Wikipedia states does have slightly different meanings in various parts of the world (such as in the USA where it will often refer to a working pier for shipping and cargo). However, the popular idea of the pier is that of one for leisure purposes. They are a place we remember during […]

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