The Pier – a leisurely way into the sea

The ‘pier’ as Wikipedia states does have slightly different meanings in various parts of the world (such as in the USA where it will often refer to a working pier for shipping and cargo). However, the popular idea of the pier is that of one for leisure purposes. They are a place we remember during […]

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Royalty Free images from UIG – Summer 2022

Enjoy a selection of our most recent RF images, from Climate, Environmental and conceptual ideas to people and the world around us. Our climate and protecting the ecology of our planet is growing in importance every day, especially evident in the heatwaves of the last few weeks. Let a more conceptual image guide you in […]

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The “Ngontang” mask and dance.

Desirey Minkoh, the owner of Gabon based UIG image partner AfrikImages provides a fascinating insight into the Ngontang mask and dance and the Fang ethnic group. “Ngontang”, which in the Fang language from which it derives its origins means “the white girl”, is a mask with several faces that represents the spirits in the form […]

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Image Quest

Thanks to our focus on educational subjects, UIG has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica, helping them curate and manage the Image Quest online educational image database, a global product that is offered to individual schools, educational authorities, and ministries.  The product is licensed under a subscription model and students and teachers access […]

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The Microfinance Lifeline

A few years after receiving his PhD in Economics from Vanderbilt University, Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus found himself searching for ways to help people suffering and living in poverty find a path forward to economic stability.  Yunus met with farmers, artisans and other laborers in the village of Jobra, Bangladesh and discovered how small “micro” loans with […]

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El Hierro – The Sustainable Island

Photographs by Giulio Paletta The smallest of the larger islands in the Canary Islands archipelago is El Hierro.  It measures less than 50 kilometers from one end to the other and is the most western of the islands in the Canaries.  El Hierro’s natural beauty is incredibly diverse, offering visitors the opportunity to hike its protected interior […]

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People of the Railroad

A feature by Giovanni Mereghetti. Home to nearly 20 million people, the crowded and teeming metropolis of Kolkata, India features expansive slums and shantytowns, with many nestled along the city’s railway tracks.  UIG contributing photographer Giovanni Mereghetti’s evocative images of the Park Circus railway station and the slums that are aligned next to its tracks are […]

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Who We Are

Universal Images Group, founded by George Sinclair in 2008, aggregates and distributes content to the global licensing and merchandising markets.  UIG has grown to represent content collections from more than 120 agency suppliers and nearly 175 photographers.  UIG’s subject specialties include World History, Fine Art, Science & Medicine, Environmental Science, Developing World, World Religions and Cultures, Archaeology, […]

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Eco Creativity

This article continues a series of posts focused on UIG’s Mission 2022: Climate Change.  Help us build a comprehensive climate change collection by contributing content to UIG.  Contact us at While much of the focus on recycling efforts worldwide has been on plastics, paper and glass, there is a movement underway to encourage consumers to see the […]

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