Jon Bower’s Abstract Photography

Abstract photographers produce conceptual images that frequently do not associate with the tangible and physical components in the photograph.  These highly conceptual photographs are not easily created – they often require technical mastery of lighting for example.  Abstract photographers need to see what others miss within the shadows, forms and shapes of the everyday items they shoot.

UIG contributing photographer Jon Bower’s abstract photography covers a wide range of subjects and locations from his worldwide travels.  Jon’s compositions are reflective of a deep and professional understanding of light, shadows and shapes and how they relate to each other in order to create a new image that may appear to be entirely distant from the actual object or location photographed.  Jon’s abstract images introduce concepts such as balance, structure, fear, and ambiguity.  Building off his environmental science career and love of world travel and photography, Jon’s collection of abstract photography (and terrific cultural travel imagery) is available for licensing through UIG.

All images in this post ©Jon Bower.  

All images featured in this post and on Kaleidoscope are available for licensing.  Please contact us at

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