Collection Spotlight: Giovanni Mereghetti

All images by: Giovanni Mereghetti

Universal Images Group is privileged to represent photographer Giovanni Mereghetti.  Based in Milan, Mereghetti’s collection offers deep coverage of Italian culture and locations but is also reflective of the photographer’s global travels.

Starting as a freelance photographer in 1980, Mereghetti became one of the most prolific stock photographers by focusing on everyday life and cultures as well as the scenery of the many places he visited worldwide.  His travels have brought him throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Africa.  In recent years he has focused on Northwestern Africa and in particular Mauritania, a country he has photographed extensively.

Mereghetti’s many interests include the sporting world, and he has long covered cycling events such as Tour de Suisse and various air shows.  His travels and deep interest in the cultures he visits have produced several books and in-depth reportages.  For a list of Mereghetti’s books, please visit

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