Mother’s Love depicted in Art

By Francesca Lungarotti

The feeling of returning to a place where the only thing that matters is pure love is something that images depicting maternal love and devotion in art have always evoked. Maternal love has always represented a source of artistic inspiration across all eras, cultures, and artistic mediums.

While appreciating selections of maternal art, all other distractions fade into the background, leaving the viewer focusing their gaze and heart solely on the strength and sweetness that binds the figures of mothers with their daughters and sons.

While Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days worldwide, May is the month most associated with the celebration of mothers. There are many historical factors that have contributed to this association. In ancient Greece and Rome, the month of May was dedicated to pagan divinities linked to fertility and spring (Artemis and Flora, respectively).  Combined with other European rituals commemorating the new spring season, this has led many cultures to view May as the month of life and motherhood. This selection of religious and secular artistic content from the UIG collection brings our minds back to the special place where it all begins: the maternal embrace.

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