Working Hands

They plough the fields that grow the food they pick for us.  They then prepare the food we eat.  They meticulously shape and build the shelters that keep us safe.  They build the tools and devices that help us communicate, create, and move about in our world.  When we are ill, they soothe and heal our bodies and minds.

They are often bruised, and seldom smooth nor perfectly conditioned.  They frequently have calluses and scratches from their tireless efforts on our behalf.  Their many scars indicate past injuries, and their wounds are never given the time to heal properly.  More work always needs to be done.

They are the hands of farmers, miners, craftspeople, and carpenters.  They belong to chefs, masseuses, nurses, and surgeons.  They are simply put………working hands.In celebration of International Workers Day on May 1 (May Day), UIG honors the working hands of those who make our lives better and brighter every day.

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