The Eye of the Photographer

By Francesca Lungarotti

The Eye of the Photographer is what separates the true artist from photographer hobbyists.  The true artist bares their soul with each shot they take, expressing more than describing the object of their attention.  It is this personal expression that is the main ingredient that helps create images that move us and stand out amongst the millions of images created every day.

These rich images allow us to travel to distant places, to feel the mood evoked, and to understand the subtle story behind so many artistic photographs.  Some visual ideas we can ascribe to this category include details, close-ups and particular shooting angles or styles.  Many of these artistic treasures are unscripted and created in an instant as something unexpected is caught by the photographer’s eye.

Conceptual and artistic images express creative shooting styles, inspire emotion, and provoke curiosity in the viewer.  As the photographer bares their soul, their images connect with and lead us on journeys of imagination.

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