Joe Sohm’s Visions of America

When “Americana” is mentioned, you might think of small-town parades, high school football games, Fourth of July fireworks, our beautiful flag, apple pie, country fairs and other iconic themes that make up America’s rich cultural heritage.  When we at UIG think about “Americana”, we think about Joe Sohm and his wonderful and ever-evolving Visions of America project.

Joe’s work integrates the three primary lifetime interests that he has professionally groomed over 40 years – music, imaging and American History – into a comprehensive multi-media theme entitled “Visions of America”:

Joe’s mission of photographing the 50 states in still photographs has been amplified to reshoot the 50 states in 4K Drone, 4K Timelapse, 4K Video, Go Pro & of course stills – in advance of the 250th Anniversary of America, July 4, 2026.  In combining this new imagery with original music by Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy winning songwriters Alan and Marilyn Bergman (“The Way We Were” by Barbra Streisand) and renowned pianist Roger Kellaway, with vocals by Patti Austin, Shelea, and Judith Hill, and narration read by Clint Eastwood and William Shatner, “Visions of America” is a multi-media journey through America’s back roads, small towns, big cities, Presidential campaigns – everything one associates with “Americana”.

Published more than 1 million times, Joe can likely claim he has seen and photographed more of America’s stunning beauty than anybody alive.  His images have been featured in all major news media worldwide (NY/LA/London Times, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, advertising, and countless books including educational textbooks). In 2009-2012 Joe produced a multi-media Symphony concert with the Boston and Philadelphia Pops where his images were projected to original music composed by the Bergmans and Roger Kellaway. 

Buckle your seatbelts and let Joe Sohm do the driving.  The video linked below features “An Open Road”, an original song he recently produced and played bass guitar on, as well as wrote the narration and took all the images for. Enjoy the ride…

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