The World’s Most Colorful Towns and Cities

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”

–Pablo Picasso

Colors affect us.  Humans are more comfortable in spaces with color than in those without.  We are attracted to the beautiful colors in nature, but we are also drawn to colorful objects that are man-made.  From the cheerful hues of Burano Island in Venice to the sun-kissed tones of Santorini and other Mediterranean islands, to the symphony of colors that brighten the bustling streets of Singapore, travelers the world over are drawn to the world’s most colorful towns and cities.

People tend to like colors they associate with objects they love or consider to be good things—they might like red, for example, because they love strawberries.  Blue is a universal favorite because it reminds people of positive sites such as a clear blue sky or a deep and clean blue lake.

Colors cheer us up, make us feel warm, and force us to open our eyes wide to absorb them completely.  During your travels both near and far, pay attention to how colorful the places are that you visit.  Think about what colors most appeal to you and what emotions they stir inside you.

Check out this slide show for some of these beautiful places captured by UIG’s terrific contributors.

Psychology Today   Sally Augustin, Ph.D.

Smithsonian Magazine Alicia Ault

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