Collection Spotlight: Touring Club Italiano

For more than 125 years, the Touring Cub Italiano historical archive has reflected the perspective of Italians learning about their country and its vibrant culture through tourism.  Touring Club Italiano (TCI) was founded in Milan in 1894 to promote tourism across Italy.  The archive developed over time from photographs provided by the Club’s members. Now, more than a century since its founding, it is the definitive archive of Italy’s history.

TCI began publishing maps and travel guides for its members in the early 20th century and these publications have been preserved by the Club.  Beginning in 1930, the publications included member-contributed photographs.  The TCI “Red” and “Green” guides would become synonymous with Italian travel and assist Italian and foreign tourists alike with discovering Italy.  TCI also produced road signs for Italian municipal and regional clients.

The Club promoted National Excursion tours, cycling trips and other events to facilitate their membership’s desire for travel and discovery.  These trips motivated Italians to visit, document and photograph all of Italy and inspired a cultural pride in their country.

Through our partnership with Roberto Ferri, the founder of the Marka Agency, UIG is privileged to represent the Touring Club Italiano historical archive and make its wonderful content available for licensing worldwide.  The collection not only highlights travel and discovery inside Italy, but also provides a glimpse of daily life in Italy for much of the 20th century.


Touring Club Italiano

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