Imagining a book cover – Psychological Thriller

With the vast array of images available in the archive at Universal Images Group our blog site Kaleidoscope set the challenge of finding suitable images for a book cover of an imaginary psychological thriller.

Book covers, especially for fiction, allow for a creativity to flow. The cover design and imagery needs to draw in the customer and draw their eyes to the book if it is part of a display of other books all with their covers showing. If in a row of books on a shelf at the store, pulling it out the first thing you see and pay attention to is the cover – whether consciously appreciating it or not – it can help frame the whole concept of the novel you are holding and might be about to purchase and delve into.

Images can be literal or abstract relating to the story or genre of the novel. They can definitely set the tone of the narrative within. 

Take a look through the images and let us know which one you would pick – let us know in the comments on this site or on our socials.

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