Delights of Zaragoza by Nano Calvo

After more than 15 years living in other places in Spain and the world, life has brought me back to the city where I was born and which I am going to talk to you briefly about in this post, to accompany a selection of photographs that illustrate my words.

Located halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, and divided by the Ebro – the most abundant river in Spain -, Zaragoza contains everything you need to live in a quiet and pleasant way, without the stress that large cities usually entail. It is also a perfect destination to spend a few days and enjoy its history, its gastronomy and its friendly people.

Thanks to the tram and an extensive bike path, it is possible to explore it comfortably and quickly without having to use a car. In my case, the bicycle is the transportation that I use and that allows me to train while arriving punctually and observing what is happening around me.

Apart from the well-known and majestic Basilica del Pilar, whose festivities are celebrated during the month of October – with thousands of visitors, concerts and cultural events of all kinds -, Zaragoza has other historical monuments, such as the Aljafería Palace and La Seo, as well as highly recommended museums, among which are the Goya Museum, the Pablo Gargallo or the EMOZ, the first origami museum in Europe.

It is important to highlight the wide gastronomic offer that the city currently offers, with 3 Michelin-starred restaurants and many others with a very high level, both in their traditional and international and fusion offerings, with areas as typical as El Tubo, where hundreds of people come every weekend to satisfy their appetite.

For music lovers, Zaragoza has been hosting the Spanish version of the Vive Latino festival for two years, with an extraordinary lineup, as well as other high-quality festivals not far from the city, such as the legendary Pirineos Sur or the one hosted by the Monastery of Veruela, among others. During the month of September, you can also enjoy Asalto, the oldest urban art festival of Spain.

Nano Calvo is a photographer and owner of VW Pics photo agency that Universal Images Group represents and distributes. All photos in this post are by Nano Calvo.

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