Individuals, an Exhibition by Matthew Williams-Ellis

UIG contributor Matthew Williams-Ellis has announced his solo wildlife exhibition, running from June 22 through July 2 in London.  The “Individuals” exhibition features stories of the animals the photographer spent time with during his travels during 2022 around the Mara North Conservancy in Kenya.  Williams-Ellis portrays each of the characters as emotional beings with their own unique histories and uncertain futures.

With his intimate portraits and photographic style, the photographer seeks to inspire a desire to care and protect the beautiful wildlife that calls the Maasai Mara Ecosystem home.   A portion of the proceeds from the “Individuals” exhibition will benefit the Mara Predator Conservation Programme and Conservancy Guardians to support the work being done on behalf of the Mara wildlife.

For more information about the exhibition, Matthew Williams-Ellis and his photography, please visit the link below:

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