Candid Moments in History

By Francesca Lungarotti

At UIG we eye-scan an immense amount of images every day and as content editors we think about them not only for the subjects they depict and the categories they fall under, but also for the type and nature of the images. There are many that we could define as beautiful, balanced, technical, etc. Others instead simply allow us to open a window to the past, of particular historical moments or with important characters: politicians, actors, entertainers etc. These candid photographs portray the intermediate moments captured in fractions of a second between one pose and another.  These are the images that offer us authentic moments that can be less official, studied or posed. 

It is on this thought of authenticity that I deem it appropriate to dwell, especially when speaking of historic and vintage photography. Seeking the artificial reproduction of those moments not arising from a human mind is something unthinkable!  Indeed, those intermediate moments are born from an escaped shot, moreover, not thought out but let go with the heart, spontaneously, humanly. As it may seem the past has a direct line with us and forms a bond of human strength and inspiration.  UIG editors love the authenticity of informality!

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