Empty Spaces, Full of Meaning

By Francesca Lungarotti

As an image editor, I often come across images I would define as precious gifts for the soul. These images are not meant to be described but felt, and are accompanied by conceptual keywords that define the sensation they are capable of generating.

These unique Images can subtly convey the subject they represent. We might define them as creative, conceptual, or simply emotional images. They are timeless photographs that wink at art and emerge among the others.  They effortlessly stand out amongst hundreds or thousands of other images and bring with them emotional and profound connectivity that provide the end user complete freedom and the possibility to feel space to breathe new and fresh ideas.

I always try to isolate these images with passion as I believe that they are different and they deserve to be recognized and treasured.  These ‘open’ images do not define one story but can tell many.  They are elastic and malleable like clay, creative, elegant, unique, and suitable for multiple uses.

There is often a significant component of emptiness in these images.  Their subjects are often simple and the empty space is almost always a great protagonist.  These photographs may feature emptiness, but they possess a rich soul, full of meaning, and generous with many possibilities.

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