An End of Summer Escape to Sardinia

The Italian Island of Sardinia offers visitors some of Europe’s most beautiful and unspoiled beaches.  Located 120 miles west of mainland Italy and 120 miles north of Africa, this beautiful island provides adventures along it’s coastal trails and across its lush interior.

After being proclaimed King of Italy in 1861, Victor Emmanuel II united the often-forgotten island of Sardinia with the Italian state.  The island’s geographic isolation from mainland Italy allowed Sardinia to develop its own distaincy language and customs that remain today.  Sardinia celebrates its unique heritage throughout the year with eccentric festivals such as the carnival parade in Barbagia and the S’Ardia horse races of Sedilo.

The beaches, however, are what attracts the nearly 4 million annual visitors to Sardinia.  The seas around the island are perhaps the bluest of blue you’ll ever see, from Costa Smeralda to Golfo di Orosei and from Costa Verde to the bay at Cala Luna.

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