Capturing the Spiritual and Developing World with Godong

The two pillars of Godong’s photographic archive are “God” and “NGO’s”.  The French agency’s comprehensive religious collection features aesthetic and educational photography covering the world’s major faiths as well as religious icons, traditions, events and notable persons.   Godong complements its religious coverage with a focus on the developing world, thanks to its partnerships with several NGO’s.

At its core, Godong is the work of its two founders, former photojournalists Pascal Deloche and Philippe Lissac.  Formed in 2003, Godong has grown to include the work of nearly a half-dozen other contributing artists and offers its customers a global perspective on faith and the developing world, through authentic images of people and cultures.

Pascal still travels regularly for Surgeons for Hope, an NGO focusing on health issues and children, and Philippe travels for NGOs and foundations such as World Vision and the organization’s Vision Fund which focuses on micro-financing, business loans and aiding producers’ cooperatives. Their extensive travels have helped Godong build a collection that depicts the developing world in a positive light, with imagery reflecting the human spirit’s desire for self-reliance and community.

Godong’s renowned religious collection is a comprehensive study on global faiths.  Their informative and beautiful imagery captures sacred art, religious architecture, religious icons, liturgy, symbols, holidays, events, spiritual leaders, pilgrimages and so much more.  

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