New Collection Spotlight: Pictures from History

UIG are delighted to announce we are now distributing the Pictures from History collection.  This specialist historical library features a comprehensive archive of Asian history, art, and culture.  The collection has grown since its beginnings to include contemporary images of Asia as well as history and cultural heritage content from the Middle East and Africa.

The Pictures from History collection includes more than 36,000 digitized images now available on the UIG site and through our distribution partners.  Additionally, the archive offers more than 100,000 analog files of Asian history.  Please ask us for help in tracking down any subjects not found in the digital collection.

Pictures from History are based in the historic and lovely walled city of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. Through their CPA Media division, Pictures from History also offers feature stories (including both photos and text) covering contemporary Asian cultural heritage and travel themes.  For more information about available features, please contact UIG.

All photos: Pictures From History

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