A Year of Protest in Colombia

There have been numerous protests worldwide during 2021, and perhaps the most sustained demonstrations have been those in Colombia.  Beginning with passionate demonstrations against government tax reform measures in late April, the protests have grown to address grievances against police brutality, income inequality, the lack of economic opportunity, and poverty, all of which have been exacerbated during the pandemic.

A protester against the government of Ivan Duque wears a cap that says ‘Resistance’ in Bogota, Colombia on June 19, 2021

Although President Ivan Duque responded to the protests by canceling the tax reform and passing police reform laws, these actions did little to quell the anger as demonstrations continued to grow throughout the year.  As one protester commented, the demonstrations reflect “the accumulation of decades of injustice”.

While most of the demonstrations have been peaceful, there has been looting, property damage and fires set at blockades throughout the country’s cities.  The police response has frequently been brutal, with government forces being directly responsible for nearly 50 deaths since the demonstrations began.

UIG contributing partner Long Visual Press has provided eyewitness accounts of the protests and government response and continue to update us with dramatic coverage as the demonstrations continue.

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