Fossils Inside Out: New Book and Web Site from Tom Wiewandt

Congratulations to long time UIG contributor Tom Wiewandt on the release of his latest book – Fossils Inside Out.  Tom’s latest book reflects his passion for science and art and offers a comprehensive understanding of fossils through understanding historical perspectives, laws that can confuse anyone, new imaging technologies, the art of fossil preparation and much more.  Fossils Inside Out is a must-have for anyone interested in natural history and fossils.

Ammonite fossils (Lyme Regis) with iridescent shell layer intact, Ammonoidea species

This latest title complements the author’s earlier works: The Southwest Inside Out; Desert Dreams Coloring Book; and Hidden Life of the Desert.  Tom is also an award-winning cinematographer and producer of engaging educational films for the BBC and National Geographic.  His books and films are complemented by his study of sound in the natural world, and his latest CD offering Sounds of the Sonoran Desert, was just recently completed.

As if his year wasn’t busy enough, Tom’s Wild Horizons company has just launched it’s new web site to support the release of both Fossils Inside Out and Sounds of the Sonoran Desert, as well as his earlier projects.  To learn more about Tom and to purchase his books and sound CD’s, please visit  

All images: Wild Horizons

Source: Wild Horizons

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