Time to Travel: Venice

Ready to travel again?  Come with us to Venice, the capital city of Northern Italy’s Veneto region.  Once medieval Europe’s most important port and cultural center, Venice features architectural wonders and marble palaces built on a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea.  The city, comprised of more than 100 small islands, features no roads, only canals and pedestrian-only paved streets, and thus is a terrific walking and boating city.  One can reach all points of the city by walking and connecting through the many neighborhood squares, along the banks of the canals, or across the 400 bridges spanning the canals.  Venice’s famous gondolas offer another experience altogether, bringing tourists and locals alike through the more than 200 canals winding through the City of Water.

Venice and its lagoon were added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and the city’s iconic sites include the Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Rialto Bridge, and the Doges Palace. The central square, Piazza San Marco, adjacent to St. Mark’s Basilica, also features the Campanile bell tower which offers view of the city’s classic red roofs.


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