UIG Discover: Let Us Help You

Are you looking for an image that isn’t easy to locate?  One of your customers might be looking to celebrate the birthday of Friedrich Serturner, the discoverer of morphine.  Perhaps an antiques collector has contacted your agency seeking a collectible stamp with President Truman on it. 

Friedrich Serturner, discoverer of morphine. Credit: Bildagentur-online

Often photo agencies receive these requests, take a quick look at their digital archives and when they can’t find what the customer is asking for, they politely apologize and move on to the next, and hopefully easier, search inquiry.

Silver denarius coin from reign of Ludwig II. Credit: De Agostini Editore

It’s easy to say no, but it’s a lot more fun to embrace the challenge and try to find something that others can’t!  Through our Discover service, UIG takes a deep dive into the analog files or our terrific contributing partners as well as other resources to track down the difficult-to-find content your customer needs, usually within 24 hours.

Worn park bench. Credit: Lindsey Nicholson / UCG

There are several billion images floating around cyberspace but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find, say, an image featuring both sides of a silver denarius coin from the reign of Ludwig II (we know because we searched and found it!).

Mount Aso volcano, Japan. Credit: Planet Observer

When you need help finding something ambiguous like a non-welcoming park bench or something specific such as a satellite view of the Mount Aso volcano in Japan, think of UIG.  Think of Discover and let us help you find what you are looking for!

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