UIG CoLLECTION Spotlight: QA International

UIG contributing partner QA International specializes in creating highly illustrated content, built around human knowledge themes to inform, educate and entertain. QAI’s image bank contains more than 15,000 high-quality illustrations. From exotic animals to everyday household items to scientific and medical images, you will not find such a wide selection of high-definition illustrations anywhere else.

The QA International collection features many areas of specialization, with a notable focus on medicine, health and science.  For every family and at every stage in life, health is such an important issue. QA International meets these concerns by providing hyper-realistic medical illustrations of unprecedented quality that are approved by an international scientific committee. Those images allow students, professionals, and the general public to discover how the body works and explore the complexities of its various regions.

All images copyrighted to QA International

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