Who We Are

Universal Images Group, founded by George Sinclair in 2008, aggregates and distributes content to the global licensing and merchandising markets.  UIG has grown to represent content collections from more than 120 agency suppliers and nearly 175 photographers.  UIG’s subject specialties include World History, Fine Art, Science & Medicine, Environmental Science, Developing World, World Religions and Cultures, Archaeology, World Locations, and more.  Please register at www.universalimagesgroup.com to search our archive.

Thanks to our focus on educational subjects, UIG has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica, helping them build and manage the Image Quest online educational image database, a global product which schools access for in-class and homework educational projects.  For more information on Image Quest, please visit them at https://elearn.eb.com/product/britannica-imagequest/

Through our Discover service, UIG sources and procures content on an as-needed basis, whether for our licensing partners or for customers directly.  UIG scours the globe looking for the required content and usually can find options for our customers within 24 hours.  If you have any difficult-to-find content needs, give Discover a try! Simply contact us at info@universalimagesgroup.com

Looking to decorate your home, classroom, office, hotel, or dorm?  UIG’s new print store is now open for business!!  Please visit the Visual Trove site at www.visualtrove.com.  In addition to the photographs available on the Visual Trove site, UIG can offer most of its 3 million images for print products.  If you need a UIG image for wall décor, please ask us.

If you have not yet already connected with us, please follow UIG on Instagram at uig_universalimagesgroup (https://www.instagram.com/uig_universalimagesgroup/)

For more information about our company and to learn about the terrific collections we represent, please check out our 2022 brochure here: https://issuu.com/universalimagesgroup/docs/universalimagesgroupbrochure2022

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