Mark Stevenson’s 3D World

As a youngster, UIG contributor Mark Stevenson had a keen interest in science fiction as well as dinosaurs.  His interest was further piqued when Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was released in 1977.  The movie and a subsequent visit to Devil’s Tower, the famous Wyoming butte featured in the film, left lasting impressions on Mark.

After studying commercial photography in college Mark built a career in media, working for a magazine and advertising agency before becoming a full-time newspaper photographer.  Soon after Mark had the opportunity to merge his creative talents with his lifelong passion for science fiction.  With a desire to create the type of special effects in still images that he marveled at in Close Encounters, Mark discovered 3D imagery and began educating and challenging himself to improve his techniques and create the kind of images he could never quite do with his photography.

Today, Mark’s unique and provocative 3D imagery are licensed for commercial and editorial uses but also as wall art from a variety of online galleries.  

In addition to licensing his imagery through UIG, Mark’s portfolio can be viewed at DeviantArt (

All images ©Mark Stevenson / UIG

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