Harvest Time for Grapes

From August through November across the Northern Hemisphere, vineyard workers are busy with their annual grape harvests.  The “grape crush” begins as grapes start to change color, from their bright green hues to greenish yellow for some white varieties or to red, purple or almost black for red varieties.

Winemakers check their grapes frequently during the ripening period known as veraison.  During this time, the sugar pumped into grapes from their vines helps them grow quickly.  Vineyard workers need to carefully watch their grapes during veraison, as some grapes need to be picked sooner (for higher acidity wines such as Chablis or Riesling) than others.  Grapes that are left to ripen longer are higher in sugar.  Cabernet Sauvignon and Port are examples of wines with higher sugar content.  The amount of natural sugar in the grape is responsible for the final alcohol level as well as how dry or sweet the wine will be. 

Visiting a vineyard during harvest time is a wonderful experience.  Many vineyards celebrate their harvests with outdoor music, terrific food, and of course, the best part – tastings!!

The UIG collection features thousands of stunning images of vineyards as well as informative photography documenting the winemaking process from planting to harvest and wine production.  Sit back, pour a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy our wine-enthused gallery…


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